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We have a new procedure for scheduling appointments with monitors.
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3D Printer Update

The effort to obtain our new 3D printer continues. The good news is the company is now shipping completed printers. The bad news is ours isn't one of the completed printers. We're now looking at May for delivery. 

Quest for Education & Arts First Robotics

On Friday, March 24th, we hosted a group of middle and high school students in the Ranch House Ballroom. This program is sponsored by NASA to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) studies. With their award winning robots, these engineers and scientists of the future showed us we'll be in good hands. 

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Back by Popular Demand -- Tony Pietrzykoski's Windows Classes!
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Registration is required.

Coming Attractions:
Intro to Electric Vehicles and Owners' Perspectives. 5/4/23, 1:30 PM. Register HERE 
iPhone Basics -- Settings. 4/20/23, 1:00 PM. Register

iPhone Basics -- Calendar and Contacts. 4/27/23, 1:00 PM Register HERE
Intro to CAD and Using SketchUp. 6/26/23, 1:30 PM. Register HERE

On April 3rd, a representative from Trico will be discussing ways

to make our homes more energy efficient, 
along with our options for going solar.
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Google Pixel Products for 2023

Do You REALLY Need Gigabit Internet?

Check Out These GPS Trackers

Be Careful Where You Put Alexa

Bing's Chatbot Is Coming to the Windows Desktop

Electronics Prices Are Falling?


We provide numerous opportunities to learn about today’s technology:

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Apple's iOS 16 lets you edit text messages.
It's not as sneaky as you thought.

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Online and In-Person Classes: To teach you new skills or improve skills you already have.

Special Interest Groups: Members with a common interest meet regularly to share and explore their knowledge.

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the Cutting the Cord SIG

One-on-One Help: Get one-on-one help with your computer or devices .. by appointment. Check the calendar for available appointment times.
Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, the club has opportunities to fit your level of computing experience. Our aim is to cover all kinds of technology: smart phones, iPads, Apple computers, PCs and other devices.

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SBR Tech Club:  
Hombres Barbershop
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The SBR Technology Club is a 501c3 corporation